Sydney Fun Facts

If you have ever been interested in visiting Sydney here are some quick fun facts that may help to convince you to come down under and check us out!

SydneyOperaHouse2Famous Landmarks: Sydney is home to some world famous iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. These two beautiful structures have been seen in countless photos and films that are found all over the world. These two iconic landmarks alone have helped put Sydney on the world map, with many overseas visitors coming to Sydney just to get photos taken with these iconic landmarks.


Bondi BeachFamous Beaches: The world famous Bondi Beach attracts thousands of people daily to the beautiful waters and lovely sand for sun tanning, swimming and surfing. Bondi Beach is nestled in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and is only a short ride in a car or public transport from Sydney’s CBD.  Another famous beach is Sydney’s Palm Beach in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney. Made famous by a hit TV show Home and Away, fans of the show often want to visit the beach to see where the filming of this show takes place and hopefully run into their favourite stars of the show. What they often find is that not only is this beach beautiful but nearly every Sydney beach has a unique beauty that attracts millions of people year round.

Situated in the State of NSW: With only 8 States and Territories Australia does not have many in comparison to other parts of the world. When you consider the size of Australia our entire countries population is quite spread out.

Australia’s Largest City: Sydney’s population is quickly approaching 5 million. With Australia having a population around the 24 million mark this equates to about 1/5 of Australia’s population which is quite significant.

Often Confused as Australian’s Capital City: Due to Sydney’s size combined with its great reputation and iconic landmarks, Sydney is often confused to be Australia’s capital city. However this is not the truth. The real Australian capital city is the lesser known Canberra in the ACT (Australia’s Capital Territory).

Now that you know a bit more about Sydney you have no reason not to get over hear and check it out. Many visitors love it so much they stay and never leave. Who knows, you could be next!